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 Semenov style Matryoshka, wooden kids toys for you and your children
Matryoshkas Wooden toys of any shape and designE-mail:
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About The Production Company DUNA Ltd

      Nizhniy Novgorod region is rich in traditions of different folk crafts. The town of Semenov is a first-rate age-old center of artistic woodworking. Products of local artisans cant help amazing.
      DUNA Ltd. is one of the companies that succeeded to unite some of the experts. They produce wooden matryoshkas of different sizes, forms and painting kinds; and also wooden kids toys. For profound woodworking we produce board boxes, and plywood boxes made of fibreboard. We use lime tree and birch converted timber.
      Our company enshrines and multiplies traditions of folk crafts. An antique unique method has hardly been altered. All the matroshkas are made of lime tree wood. A half-finished product(it is called white wood) is turned with the help of lathes that havent been changed for 100 years. Just some dyes were substituted for ecologically pure ones. We use coloring matters for foodstuffs instead of detrimental aniline dyes. Every artist paints every matroshka individually by hand, without any pattern. Our masters put their whole souls and warmth of their hands into the products.
      Our production gained universal acceptance. You can meet a matroshka with our company logo in any corner of the globe.
      We produce traditional and non-traditional matroshkas of a standard size, authors matroshkas, cases for bottle, business souvenirs, trinkets. Also we fill VIP-orders.
      Traditional matroshka may consist of 3-50 dolls, every one being a part of another.
      Authors matroshka is painted with gouache paints. Its height may reach 1 meter.
      Bottle cases are turned for a bottle holding 0.05; 0.1; 0.33; 0.5; 0.75; 1 litres. They may have different shapes. We will produce cases for any professional holiday according to your order.
      We will produce any Business-matroshka. We will put a name or a company logo of your company on a matroshka in accordance with your desire. It will be not only a good present but your advertisement.
      We may even portray you on a matroshka if you sent your photo to us.
      Wooden kids toy.
      From the end of the 19th century turning and axe wooden kids toys have been produced on Semenov soil. The toy made of natural wood is warm, merry, bright and funny. The Production Company DUNA Ltd. keeps the traditions of old masters. We have begun producing of different wooden toys since 2009. Turning parts are assumed as a basis. The painting of the toys is done with acrylic paints and lacquer.
      We produce wooden boxes which may be standard, nonstandard, board, made of plywood or paper board. If you dont have a draft it is enough for us to know a size and a weight of your product that needs packing up. Our specialists will come to agreement with you about the prices, they will make some drafts and if needed a trial design.
      Converted timber.
      Converted timber is made of lime tree and birch of any size. The size is reconciled with a customer. In accordance with your desire we will deliver our production to your warehouse via motor, air transport or by parcel post. You may also purchase it at our warehouse. We legalize customs documents.
      The delivery of goods to Moscow is carried out at the expense of a provider. There are some reductions for matroshkas and kids toys which depend on the size of delivery.
      Our guests become our partners, when our partners become our friends, because nothing unites people in the way the common business does.
      We are ready to work individually and taking into account the wishes of every partner of ours.
      Our motto is to give happiness, joy and a part of our heart.
      The Production Company DUNA Ltd. invites you to cooperate.

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