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 Semenov style Matryoshka, wooden kids toys for you and your children
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Developmental wooden kids toys


      From the end of the 19th century turning and axe wooden kids toys have been produced on Semenov soil. The toy made of natural wood is warm, merry, bright and funny. By the end of the 20th century this trade practically died away.
      The Production Company DUNA Ltd. keeps the traditions of old masters. We have begun producing of different wooden toys since 2009. In that way the revival of Semenov wooden toy was started. Turning parts are assumed as a basis. Our toys are destined for children, therefore we pay special attention to quality and safety of the materials used for their production. They are made of natural wood (birch, lime tree). The painting of the toys is done with ecologically pure acrylic paints and lacquer by hand. Manifold color gamut gives the toys unique brightness and singularity. One and the same toy may be painted at a painters option with various colours and patterns.
      Colouring toy is painted by a child themselves in a way he imagines it should be, thereby they develop their fantasy.
      All the toys of ours may be taken to pieces. They are destined for children of different ages. They introduce size, weight, color gamut to children. Moreover they develop childrens small motility of hands, coordination of movements, fantasy, and an idea of the world.

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